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We’re a dirt bike club of all ages who have been giving back since 1999.

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About Seacoast Trail Riders

We’re a club made up of mostly dirt bike enthusiasts who put on charity events that benefit the local area. We have members who recreation trail ride, race and help with our charity events.

Since 1999 SCTR has raised and donated over $140,000 to local public services and charities.

Our membership & benefits


annual membership

$30/single or $35/family
Due January 1 – Good through December 31


NETRA Enduro

65+ mile, competitive, time keeping event

turkey run

Fun, 100-mile trail ride with up to 200 other people

winter scramble

Race over a course covered in ice and snow

kids / family days

Fun Safe introduction to dirt bikes for all beginners


motorbikes plus

Active members eligible for a 15% discount on all purchases. >>


NH OHRV registration

Active members receive a $30 discount on resident and non-resident registrations. >>

  • responsible, fun riding
  • skill building
  • community involvement
  • kids rides
  • family fun

Club mission statement – “provide charitable assistance to local communities while furthering the sport of off-road motorcycle enjoyment for all ages.


Why should you be riding dirtbikes

  • Instead of just asphalt, you get to drive on varied terrain (asphalt, gravel, sand, snow, etc..)
  • It’s physically hard to drive in terrain as it requires you to use your body much more actively.
  • The mental aspects of mastering difficult techniques are rewarding.
  • Trails not accessible to other vehicles tend to have less traffic and might be a welcome break from driving in cities / heavy traffic
  • Trails can take you to and through very scenic places like mountains, valleys, forests, etc..


Seacoast Trail Riders is an organization of dirtbike enthusiasts focused on promoting the sport we love and having fun while doing it. 


Spanning New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine, Seacoast Trail Riders is a family oriented club focused on safe riding and fostering longevity of the sport. 

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